Sunday, November 20, 2011


1 Red LED
1 White Lantern
2 Solar powered
1 Hand-cranked
3 Button
1 iPhone 4S
2 EL Wire
1 Headlamp

I don't know why, but I like my flashlights. I have twelve of my own... 5 in my room, one in the hall, and the rest down stairs. I know that seems a little excessive, but it is nice during times like now when the power is on the fritz and you want to see what is around you. It is odd, the power is not completely out, but just enough that most things don't work, but battery chargers and adapters do. And the LED nightlight. Right now I am typing on my cellphone this post using a bluetooth keyboard under the glow of 3 meters of EL wire. A recent acquisition, This very thin plastic wire with a small copper wire in it gives a bright glow for about 12 hours using just two AA batteries. I can see my future dream house lined like the aisles of a movie theater in this stuff, so a power outage does not stop me from wandering around and not step on a catmine.
Another almost necessity is glow-in-the-dark-tape. I first saw this stuff in high school, as we used it to mark out the end of the stage so people don't walk off like they do on America's Got Talent. Every flashlight and water bottle has between 3 and 7 pieces of tape to guarentee visibility from any view angle. Best way to charge the tape? Oddly enough its a UV bulb I got for when I DJ. Too bad that requires house power. Hey Mom...I have another item to add to my Christmas list.

Oh want to see what EL wire looks like: