Monday, December 5, 2011

Benefits of Walking and Running Barefoot

It is the start of November, and things are still crazy but getting better.  After completing my originally assigned classes for WGU, I am doing two extra classes, one of which I passed in a week (excluding wait time to take the test).  This class, which is all about Windows 7 (which I am liking less and less (still better than Vista)), is almost done.
For one of my classes I had to do a research paper.  My subject is about going barefoot (of course).  Now that it is done and submitted and I have some time (and on a request), I am posting my paper.  There are three options for your reading pleasure.
The first is as a PDF, since most computers can already read, even in web browsers, PDFs.  The formatting will be the same as when I submitted it.  Second, the paper as an RTF, or Rich Text Format, which works in almost every word editor, including Microsoft Word, and Pages.  The last is an ePub file, which is a format used for ebooks, such as the Kindle, iBooks (on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), and other readers I can’t think of at the moment.  Enjoy and let me know what you think:
From the guy with his eye on the sky, Travis...the camping lifeguard

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