Monday, July 25, 2011

And now a word from our sponsor:

Is there someone you want to get got? Is there someone who is just too perfect? Is there someone who you need to get a laugh from? Does your child need more punishment than just a grounding? Want to show that special someone just how BAD you are? Well, from the creators of Devil’s Food Cake on a Trident and the Hotter than Heck Air Conditioner comes from the bowls of Earth, a new product that’s fun for the whole family...its the Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket!


Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket is a new product line from Devils We Are, designed for mischief, mayhem, and downright craziness! These small little baskets pack a big punch of different trouble for your target.

Vikings going against the Packers? The Winter Wonderland will make sure the Packers are packed in snow at home!

Is your girlfriend heading down to the Bahamas for her honeymoon with your best bro? Hurricane Happiness will sweep them off their feet!

A Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket comes at the amazing price of $8.99! That is only $8.99 for a basket of chaos, mayhem, and madness!


But with our wonderful success, we can off your TWO Heck-in-a-Hand-Baskets for only a dollar more!


Phonelines are open now so call 1866-666-6663 (They won’t let us have the last 6)


There are 30 Heck-in-a-Hand-Baskets to choose from, including Wind, Rain, Thunder; Who let the Dogs Out, Lions Tigers and Bears Oh My, Plagues of Plagues, The Trees are Alive, and Apocalypse Now!

Hear what one of our Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket recipients said:

It was an amazing night, I had been asleep for an hour, when all of a sudden a strong wind hit my tent and almost blew me away. I collapsed my tent to prevent it from breaking and drove away to shelter. The next morning it was still very windy but clear out, so I left for some breakfast, only for half an inch of rain to fall. Now my tent is a pool and all my clothing is soaked!

The next day I found a note from Mother Nature saying “Happy Summer Break. Enjoy this Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket!” I think she enjoyed it more than me!

Thats right, for five extra dollars Mother Nature will hand deliver your Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket, and the receiver will never know its from you.


Still not convinced? We understand it can be hard to wrap your head around some of our amazing products we make, so every caller will receive a free Mini-Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket. Our Mini-Hecks are great for the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. All Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket are available as Mini-Hecks, but we also have a special Mini-Heck, ADHD Kids on Sugar!


Mini-Hecks are also available at ten for five dollars! Take them, toss them, and run away. All Mini-Hecks include a one minute fuse, so you never have to be caught in the eye of distraction! Don’t worry, all Mini-Hecks and Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket are child proof to prevent unwanted chaos, and child and pet safe to protect the innocent.


Mischief and Mayhem sound too intresting, but can’t afford a Mini-Heck or Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket? Ask our representives about the Dirty Deeds Deal. In exchange for your soul to our CEO, Devils We Are will send you a Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket every week for the rest of your mortal life! Just follow the directions on where and when to deploy the Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket, and your mortal life will keep on going, with many more Heck-in-a-Hand-Baskets to come. If you miss a mission, don’t worry; our loving CEO will simply add you to our staff of Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket testers. Learn what new Heck-in-a-Hand-Baskets we are working on before anyone else knows.


Just call 1-866-666-6663 and get yourself on your way to Heck!

Fade to black

Quickly fade back

Oh I forgot to tell you! Most people avoid products like these due to the Shipping and Handling costs being twice the product, but Devils We Are is able to offer all of their products shipping and handling for free!


Remember, call 1866-666-6663 for a free Mini-Heck, and to order your first Heck-in-a-Hand-Basket! Call Now!

©DWA 2011

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