Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Preview is Rated PG for ickiness

Every 17 years comes a beast from below. Their sounds fill the air, drowning out everything thing else. They are everywhere yet many do not see them. Soon they will disappear for another 17 years. There are 2,500 types of these five eyed creatures. This year they are back!


They are up here in Wisconsin. I remember them from growing up in Iowa. I think they are really cool but its funny to watch other people freak out at them.

From they guy with his eye on the sky, Travis....The Camping Lifeguard


  1. I think there are more types than just the 17 year ones. I think there are 13 year ones and 1 year ones and I believe also 7 year cicadas. What is really neat/creepy is when a couple varieties hatch out the same year. The noise is incredible!

  2. Yep, I know. This year is the 17 year ones