Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Morning

Good morning swimmers, I am Travis, your… … …what am I? I am a swim instructor, computer technician, lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, meteorologist, farmer, camper, and student. I’m a son, brother, democrat, Unitarian, and use to be a roller DJ. Hmm...that’s a little long. Well I am no longer a roller DJ, so I can remove that. It doesn’t matter that I am a son, brother, democrat, or Unitarian. We prefer you don’t bring your computer into the pool, so even though I will happily answer computer questions, it doesn't matter that I am a computer tech. Since we are in the pool, I don't plan to farm, and since you aren't becoming lifeguards, we can drop that.

So where are we? I am a swim instructor, lifeguard, meteorologist, camper and student. I use my meteorologist skills when camping or lifeguarding, not during lessons, so ignore that. We are obviously not camping, so drop that. Well students, I am Travis, your swim instructing, lifeguarding student.

Wait, I am the teacher and your the student. I am Travis, your student lifeguarding swim instructor. I don’t like that either. Lets drop student; I am your swim instructing lifeguard. That still sounds odd. Hmm. Maybe I should use what I came up with in the shower, I liked that.

From the guy with his eye on the sky, Travis...

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