Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello, I am Travis, the Camping Lifeguard. I know, an odd title, but thats going to be me this summer. I currently live in northeast Iowa, but this summer I am going to go back to where I use go to college in Ashland, WI. During the summers I have been staying up there to lifeguard and teach swim lessons. I no longer am going to college there (long story), but I will be going up this summer lifeguard and teach lessons. I am also going to do something different and new...I am going to go camping.

Yea, doesn’t sound too interesting, but wait! I am not camping for a night or two, I have done that the last two summers. No, I am going to camp ALL SUMMER! This sounds weird enough that I figured I would share adventure with you here. I maybe crazy, but that is how I am.

Not sure when I will be starting at the beach, but I will be heading up in June with my bike, camping equipment, and car, and staying through August. I will be living on private beach on Lake Superior in Odanah, Wi, half the time camping alone, the other half with a friend. I hope to bike to work every day, which is 16 miles to the beach on level terrain, and 2 miles uphill from the beach to the college pool, where I will teach swim lessons. I will be without power and probably running water. I don’t really know how to cook (I am afraid of cooking meat and not cooking it completely). I will have internet to make posts and check the weather via my cellphone, and thats it.

When I can I will share stories about camping, lifeguarding, swim lessons, the weather, and anything that just tickles me along the way. If you have questions about what I am doing (or computer question) just ask. Pretty much anything involving any of the things I am on the first post is fair game. Oh, by the way I am also going to be juggling online classes during this adventure.

Yea, this is going to be fun.

From the guy with his eye on the sky, Travis...the camping lifeguard

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