Thursday, June 16, 2011

A bike ride down memory lane

Well I finally did it, and not sure I want to do it ever again. On Monday I biked the full distance from my campsite to Northland College, and back (36 miles). Don’t worry, I rested for about five hours. On my ride to Ashland I took Highway 2. After getting to the highway, the trip was pretty easy. For some reason I saw the same car pass twice, and I know it was the same because it was filled with garbage bags. Most of the route is downhill, but its so level that you don’t get any speed boost.

On the way back I took the back road which takes me though Old Odanah. I have been on this road once before, and being on it makes me remember of that first time. Jeniqua went for a bike ride on this road about half way to Odanah. I remember how she was getting worn out because she didn’t know at the time how to use the gears, and I was getting worn out because my bike was old and small.  Jeniqua is just under a foot shorter than me, yet her bike was taller than mine. Riding my bike was like being on a small tricicle, my knees were up to my waist, on the downstroke. I have a new bike now, and riding it I am taller than the walkers on the bike trail to the road.

I think I am going to take that road more often, the bumps are worse but its quiet and you can think.

From the guy with his eye on the sky, Travis...the camping lifeguard

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