Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home is made

It took me a while but the tent is up, stuff has been moved, and dinner has come and gone. It's 10pm yet there is still twilight. As I type the waves are to my right, frogs are to my left, and mosquitos are all around.

I am on a long beach, it almost goes on forever. The sand is clean and whitish, with pebbles dotting it. Where I am at, in my tent, is about 10 feet up. The ground is sand and grass and I already need a vacuum for my tent.

I already mentioned the insects and frogs, I have also seen and heard a loon call out and an otter swim by.

Tomorrow I need to work on my biking, and also set up the tarps. I have a large tarp to make a rain shelter out of, and a small tarp to keep my car cool.

It's been a long and hit day, and now sleep calls for me. Good night swimmers. Tomorrow let's do some swimming.

From the mobile guy with his eye on the sky: Travis...the camping lifeguard

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