Sunday, June 5, 2011

First bike ride

Went on a 16 mile bike ride this morning before lunch...down to Odanah and back. I did 16 since that is how far I have to go to get to my lifeguarding beach. Got back and the neighbors kids were playing in the sand along the beach

A few years ago was the movie "Supersize Me". The producer and star of that movie, Morgen something went on to do a tv series called "30 days". In one episode Morgen lived on a native american reservation in the SW. What he showed was a very poor area, where water is trucked in, homes are falling apart mobile homes, and over the entire reservation was only 5 job openings compares to thousands in a near by town off the reserve.

It's not as bad here in Odanah, it's smaller and there is Ashland about 10 miles away and there is running water, but you can tell it's still quite poor. Most home are mobile homes, some even without a driveway.

It's hard to make a living up here on this land as it is mostly wetland. Everything that is not wet has houses on it. This is due to the government giving the native Americans land other people didn't want. Everywhere I have been up here there has been some kind of wetland.

Tomorrow I going to go into town to work, and I plan to bike there. Only 17 miles!

From the mobile guy with his eye on the sky: Travis

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