Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh What a Night!

Last night, this morning was my first of many interesting nights to come. At about 2 am some thunderstorms started rolling across my area with extremely heavy rain and lightning. It kept me awake for a while. After the first round passed I went outside to run to the bathroom as I could hear round two comming. I could tell everything was wet but there were no leaks in my tent, my tarps protecting me from the rain and wind were still up and just as I left them. I could see the lightning in the distance where the storm went, and some where the next one was at.

This morning it got really really windy and blew my tarps off the pipes I put up to hold them in place. What was intresting was for how windy it was, there was not much wave action. This afternoon it switched: now the waves are really big but very little wind.

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