Thursday, June 30, 2011

RE: Regarding the burns of June 28, 2011

Date: June 30, 2011
From: CNS attn: Committee of Planning
To: Emergency Action Committee of Skin Cells
CC: Council of Skin Unions, Soft Tissue Alliance, CNS Pain Management Unit
Subject: RE: Regarding the burns of June 28, 2011

Thank you for your request. We have already been made aware of the burns from the CNS Pain Management Unit. We at the CoP sincerely apologize for this incident and will try our best to prevent this from happening again. We will move the current sun screen supply we have on hand to the main mode of transportation, currently the car. We also have Aloe moisturizer that we request to apply at least one per day until all current burns are resolved.

We realize you are in the process of repairing the burned skin, we however wish to warn you to beware of automated responses to mosquito and fly bites. We have taken the liberty of requesting on your behalf from the Automated Response System to remove insects in a way that results in less than normal pain.

Your information about guarding on July 3rd is correct. A quick consult of the current forecasts indicates that there is a chance of thunderstorms and clouds. While we are aware that a burn is possible even under complete clouds, if the weather conditions to go astray, the car will offer protection from the sun, so the risk to the unions’ repair process should be limited. Please be forewarned that on July 2nd there is planned to collect beach wood, including sawing through large pieces of wood. We will try to avoid the sun when possible and wear sunscreen but we cannot guarantee complete shade thru the entire day.

Take care and good luck with the repair work.

Committee of Planning

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